Object ownership

If you are interested in the backgrounds of this part, you can have a look at Medium, we posted an article there some time ago.

Abstract class

If you want to keep track of the creator, creation time, last modificator and last modification time, you can use the abstract class CommonInfo like this:

from ai_django_core.models import CommonInfo

class MyFancyModel(CommonInfo):

You then get four fields: created_by, created_at, lastmodified_by, lastmodified_at.

If you are interested in the details, just have a look at the code base.

Automatic object ownership

If you want to keep track of object ownership automatically, you can use the CurrentUserMiddleware. Just make sure, you’ll insert it after djangos AuthenticationMiddleware:


Using this middleware will automatically and thread-safe keep track of the ownership of all models, which derive from CommonInfo.