Unit-testing for mails

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In many cases you will find yourself in the position that you need a request in your unittests. A wise programmer will of course try to avoid looping the request object through all services - but from time to time you just end up with a well written method which takes the request as a parameter.

For these cases the toolbox provides a handy mixin, from which you can easily derive your test class. Then you will be able to use a method called get_request(user=None). If you specify a user, he/she will be the request user.

from django.test import TestCase
from ai_django_core.tests.mixins import RequestProviderMixin

class MyAwesomeTest(RequestProviderMixin, TestCase):

    def test_something_with_a_request_without_a_user(self):
        request = self.get_request(None)

    def test_something_with_a_request_having_a_user(self):
        request = self.get_request(user=my_user)